Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prayer for the Gift of Cory Aquino (1933-2009)

O God, You have set Cory Aquino free
from the deep pit of pain and defeat.
You have overshadowed her with your wings,
safe under your bright and sunny feathers.
You have been tender and strong to her,

like a mother who protects her brood.
She had the heart to face every danger.

with your faithfulness as strength & defense.

Thank You for her spirit of courage & hope
which moved our people beyond fear & frustration.
Even though her faith was tested to its limit,
she prayed and clung to You, her rest & relief.
She trusted in You, the God who uplifts,
with a faith that moves mountains & levels hills.
Now her own spirit has seen & heard
your holy judgment & great mercy.
With her faith we shall escape lasting harm,
whatever ordeal shall come to our country.

She showed us that You are our hope.
You are our refuge and stronghold.
No great evil will overwhelm us;
no final destruction will crush us.
In your presence she will cheer for us
to take the high though narrow road.
In your holy strength, in impossible faith,
we shall bind the powers that corrupt & abuse.

In love You have bound yourself to us
to rescue from danger and distress
as we hold on to the mystery of mercy
that none can ever match or surpass.
We have known You in intimate trust.
Deep in our heart we want to be loyal & true.
In our mourning & sorrow You remain with us.
You will set us free in your inner radiance.

May we live like Cory to be full of years
and abundant in your peace and fidelity.

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