Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Businessman's Morning Prayer

Dear God, I celebrate your presence with thanksgiving, and with my whole heart praise You this morning. I greet You with love, Creator of the universe, Spirit who strives with the chaos of the world. The power of your love & wisdom reaches so far that nothing & no one is beyond your help & healing.

Help me to listen to your voice, soften my heart & open my mind morning after morning. When I listen to your voice deep within me, I shall know the wisdom & mercy of your love. I shall see You as rest, relief & upliftment for many people who suffer from poverty, inequality, injustice & indifference in my country & throughout the world.

You are the giver of life & the owner of the earth, entrusting managers & investors with treasures, talents & time, holding us accountable for our actions & decisions, judging us all in your faithfulness, quelling our envy & greed.

Strengthen my commitment to the practice of building the nation, equalizing opportunity & creating long-term value for society. May your Spirit inspire me to pursue & preserve fellowship & friendship with socially responsible mentors & peers in the world of business, trade & industry. I ask this with trust in your fidelity & mercy. Amen.

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